On the network topology of spines

This post was originally published on Sam's blog. ECan recently released their draft long-term public transport plan for Christchurch and Timaru. On the other side of the globe, Jarrett Walker and co are proposing a new bus network for Dublin. The proposed Dublin network centres around the concept of a 'spine' - a collection of … Continue reading On the network topology of spines

Different Cities, Different Shapes 1.5/2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about some of the similarities and differences between New Zealand's largest cities. At one point I reported that the population of Wellington was larger than that of Christchurch based on Wikipedias 2017 estimates, but then further down I had a population graph based on 2013 Census data which … Continue reading Different Cities, Different Shapes 1.5/2

Garry Moore on the Christchurch Northern Corridor

Last night we held the first CHAT club meet - advertised here. Former mayor Garry Moore spoke on the history behind the under-construction Christchurch Northern Corridor, ably supported by Axel Wilke and MC'd by Glen Koorey. For anyone who missed it, Axel has done a write-up here and made his slides available here. If you … Continue reading Garry Moore on the Christchurch Northern Corridor