Canterbury Passenger Rail Workshop

Just a reminder that the CHAT Club (Canterbury Housing and Transport)are holding a workshop tomorrow (Monday 25th February 2019) 6:00-7:30pm at Tūranga (central library), in the TSB space (level 1). The purpose is to discuss passenger rail for Canterbury, and how that relates to future housing. The CHAT Cub is a mix of transport and … Continue reading Canterbury Passenger Rail Workshop

The Future of Tax – What about Transport?

A couple of days ago the Tax Working Group released their report - The Future of Tax. Most of the media coverage has focussed on the capital gains part of it. Don't worry - I have no intention of going into any that here. Also Greater Auckland did a piece on a wee part that … Continue reading The Future of Tax – What about Transport?

Japanese urbanism and its application to the Anglo-World

The political battle for middle class voters in many Anglo-world countries is moving onto the housing front. Many different urbanisation models are being considered. Tokyo in particular is gaining a lot of attention. Sound starts from the 1.15 min mark Liz Truss a UK Conservative junior Minister is a big fan of Tokyo urbanism as … Continue reading Japanese urbanism and its application to the Anglo-World

Taking the Bus to and from Christchurch Airport

This post first appeared on TraNZport and is republished with permission. As I’m writing this, I’ve just undertaken a bus trip from Christchurch Airport to Manchester Street in the central city using the #29. I was heading to Christchurch Hospital, so you may be asking why I got off where I did. Well, I’ll get … Continue reading Taking the Bus to and from Christchurch Airport

Canterbury passenger rail: workshop

Monday, 25 February 2019, 6.00 to 7.30pm Tūranga (central library) in the Tautoru / TSB Space on level 1 (link to Facebook event) Note - this is a different room than initially advertised - there is a lot of interest in this workshop What's the appetite in Canterbury for this? Light rail vehicle in Karlsruhe … Continue reading Canterbury passenger rail: workshop

Cycle Counts February 2019

I keep seeing comments in various social media circles that no one in Christchurch cycles. It's always just anecdotal, but even then I don't understand it. My own anecdotal data source - the bike-shed-O-meter- suggests cycling numbers are going through the roof. But the good news is we don't actually have to rely on anecdotal … Continue reading Cycle Counts February 2019

Tracking Roadworks

For the last 5 years Christchurch Transport Operations Centre (CTOC) have been tracking the levels of roadworks in Christchurch. They do this through an online system which contractors use to apply for their "traffic management plans" (TMPs). GIS software is then used to calculate the total length of roads affected by the TMPs, as a … Continue reading Tracking Roadworks