What other cities are doing: Canberra

This post first appeared at TraNZport and is republished with permission. I previously wrote about what was happening in Canberra (here) but thought it would be interesting to revisit the city and take a more detailed look at their new light rail line which opened earlier this year. First, a little more about the city‚Ķ … Continue reading What other cities are doing: Canberra

City Council Election Results

Local election preliminary results are in now and here are some initial thoughts. It seems to have been taken down now, but the Stuff live coverage over the weekend reported that 2019 had a higher turnout of young voters than the last few elections, a higher number of younger candidates elected, and a higher proportion … Continue reading City Council Election Results

Another Step Forward for the City

The Riverside Market opened yesterday (here) so I popped in to have a look. I was impressed - it is a sleek building with some interesting design, reused materials, all sorts of mongers selling the food that you can't buy at Pac'n'Save (locally produced cheeses, honey, bread, preserved meat, vegetables, fruit etc.), and plenty of … Continue reading Another Step Forward for the City