A Tale of Two Bus Lanes

It was the best of travel times, it was the worst of travel times... I was following a bus down Riccarton Road yesterday and was impressed with how efficient the new bus lanes are. In the evening peak hour this lane shifts around 800 people in 25 buses, compared to the traffic lane next to … Continue reading A Tale of Two Bus Lanes

Different Names for Streets

Cashel Street, Bealey Avenue, Lincoln Road. We give streets different labels based on their attributes. Streets tend to be narrower with more activity on them, Avenues tend to be wide and tree-lined, Roads are usually more focused on the through-movement function. Crescents are crescent shaped, Places are dead-ends.If anyone had ever asked me to guess, … Continue reading Different Names for Streets

Draft Regional Land Transport Plan

Canterbury have put out their draft Regional Land Transport Plan for public feedback, closing tomorrow (5th March). They have an online survey you can fill out which makes giving feedback very easy. This post is a very brief summary of a few things that stood out to me. The regional land transport plan sets out … Continue reading Draft Regional Land Transport Plan