Population versus Vehicle Travel

Prompted by Brendon Harre, I had a look at the population of each region in New Zealand compared to the amount of vehicle travel it has each year ("vehicle-kilometres travelled" or VKT). I took the populations from Statistics NZ, both the 2018 counts and the 2048 future projected population. I then took the vehicle-kilometres travelled … Continue reading Population versus Vehicle Travel

Greater Christchurch 2050

There is a really important piece of work going on at the moment that will decide Christchurch's future for the next 30 odd years. I haven't heard a whole lot of talk about it, so I thought I'd draw people's attention to it here. The Greater Christchurch Partnership is a group comprising these eight organisations: … Continue reading Greater Christchurch 2050

Underrated Things Christchurch is Good at

This is a list of 8 things Christchurch is awesome at, that I think are underrated in the typical "what's the best city in New Zealand" arguments. 1. Christchurch has by far the longest tomato growing season https://twitter.com/tessairini/status/1390082028662521856 2. It has a superior system of curbside rubbish collection https://twitter.com/BanksyBeeBoo/status/1377462458592292864 3. The best whisky shop in … Continue reading Underrated Things Christchurch is Good at

Who are cycleways for again?

Despite their success, I still hear complaints about the cycleways we've built in Christchurch. I think a big part of this stems from a misunderstanding of who these are being built for. In some people's minds, the cycleways are being built to benefit a small number of smarmy, rich, lycra-clad, fitness-freak cyclists. In reality, the … Continue reading Who are cycleways for again?