Riding a Bike is Good for you if you have Diabetes

Just a brief note to say that another medical article has been published showing that riding a bike improves your health. jamainternal_riedlarsen_2021_oi_210036_1625699526.32027Download It is well-established now that riding a bike every day decreases your chances of premature mortality. This study takes it further and shows that this is even more so if you have diabetes. … Continue reading Riding a Bike is Good for you if you have Diabetes

Bells and bikes

This is a guest post from reader Tim Frank I regularly use a shared path, often with my children. I constantly have to look over my shoulder to see whether a fast bike is coming. From a pedestrian or slow cyclist view, some of the bikes come up very quickly indeed. When we return home … Continue reading Bells and bikes

Christchurch Hospital Bike Parking

I've whinged about hospital bike parking before (here and here), but they seem to keep on making the same mistakes so I'll try again. I had to visit the emergency department last week. It's in the recently completed Waipapa building, a state-of-the-art facility that opened late last year, cost $525m, and is the biggest hospital … Continue reading Christchurch Hospital Bike Parking