Rapid Transit – What’s Happening?

There has been a flurry of activity about rapid transit in the last week that was quite confusing. I thought I'd write this post to remind everyone where Christchurch is at with rapid transit at the moment, and hopefully clarify things a little. Here is a timeline of events over the last 5 years. 2017 … Continue reading Rapid Transit – What’s Happening?

Traffic in a New Zealand City

I finally found out why Christchurch is so car-centric. And no it's not that we have an inexplicable love of cars that is different to every other city in the world. It's not just that we have always been a "car-city". It's not our topography, weather, economy or location. Christchurch is car-centric because in 1965 … Continue reading Traffic in a New Zealand City

New Motor Vehicle Registrations Dashboard

Waka Kotahi have just released a new dashboard reporting all new motor vehicle registrations. Last year these were the numbers nationally. In Christchurch City: In Selwyn District: And Waimakariri District: Percentages are these: I was a little surprised at these numbers. I had thought that uptake of electric vehicles would be higher in urban areas … Continue reading New Motor Vehicle Registrations Dashboard