Is the Central City Fit for Purpose?

Christchurch's city centre seems to be like Marmite: people either love it or hate it with no in between. Just from my personal observations, I reckon people who spend a lot of time in the central city tend to love it, whilst people who only visit occasionally or not at all tend to hate it. … Continue reading Is the Central City Fit for Purpose?

Historic Public Transport Use

Auckland Transport recently released their Transport Emissions Reduction Plan, also known by the terrible acronym "TERP". The full document includes the graph below, showing public transport usage per capita over the last hundred years or so. I quite like this graph, because it simultaneously shows the enormity of the change that will be coming in … Continue reading Historic Public Transport Use

Public Transport Visions

There seem to have been a lot of blogs and twitter threads popping up over the last few weeks describing what we should be doing in Ōtautahi Christchurch to rebuild our public transport into a 21st century system befitting Aotearoa’s second city. For example: Brendon Harre’s plan here: Cameron Matthews' vision here: Mostly Okay's plans … Continue reading Public Transport Visions