Update on Otautahi

There's a massive amount of stuff happening in the transport/urban world in Christchurch right now. Here's a quick rundown. Spatial Plan / Rapid Transit The Greater Christchurch Partnership (Ngai Tahu, 4 x local councils, and central government) have released a bunch of material on their Spatial Plan for how the city is going to grow … Continue reading Update on Otautahi

Electric Car Update

If you don't know me in real life and only read all my blogs espousing the benefits of walking, cycling and public transport, you may be surprised to learn that I do in fact own a car and drive it sometimes. I'm in my mid-thirties and over my lifespan, jointly with my wife I have … Continue reading Electric Car Update

Urban Forest Plan Consultation

Christchurch City Council is currently consulting on a draft Urban Forest Plan. It's an interesting read. There are some great facts about trees in general - the one about intercepting rainfall is especially relevant at the moment. And then trees specifically in Christchurch. This one is such a nice infographic I almost want to print … Continue reading Urban Forest Plan Consultation