How Dense are We?

I've seen a bit of discussion recently on how dense we are in Christchurch compared to other cities around Australasia. Density is very easy to measure – it’s simply the population (which we collect every census) divided by the land area (which we know from maps). However it is notoriously easy to misinterpret, because it … Continue reading How Dense are We?

Christchurch Battery-Electric Buses

This is a guest post from reader Tim Frank Since 2018 battery-electric buses have been used as part of the Christchurch urban bus fleet. By now 20% of the fleet are battery-electric buses. So there’s a good chance if you catch a bus in Christchurch it would be an electric bus. So what is it … Continue reading Christchurch Battery-Electric Buses

Bus Lanes – What are They Good for?

This is an unashamed bus lane appreciation post. It's a little longer than usual, so make yourself comfortable. A new bus lane has recently opened up on Lincoln Road in Christchurch and I think it’s great. Here’s why. Research on public transport consistently shows that the biggest turn-offs for people are when it is slow … Continue reading Bus Lanes – What are They Good for?