Posts published here don’t necessarily reflect my own views; I’m happy to publish things I don’t agree with, as long as they’re contributing to the discussion.

Talking Transport was launched in 2018. Its vision is to try to provide a forum for discussions about transport, and to make it easier for regular people to be informed about issues which affect us all. Most content will focus on Christchurch as that is where I live, but I am happy to talk about other places too as they crop up.

My name is Chris Morahan. I have worked as a transportation engineer and planner for the last 13 years for a range of different consultancies, Councils and Transport Agency. Everything I write is solely my personal views and nothing to do with my employer. I’m not affiliated to any political parties. I’m writing purely as a resident and a parent who wants to leave my kids the best possible city I can.

The collective discussion extends to other spheres as well, most notably the Canterbury Housing and Transport Club (CHAT Club). CHAT Club hold regular open-invite events around Christchurch, so if you’re a local I’d encourage you to sign up here. Any donations would be gratefully received here – these are primarily used to pay expenses for hosting events e.g. venue hire.