Real-Life Interested but Concerned

I've heard a lot of talk about the 4 categories of cyclist; No way no howInterested but concernedEnthused and confidentStrong and fearless I've sometimes struggled with these definitions, as I don't feel like I neatly fall into any of them. But I did recently meet someone who was the very definition of "interested but concerned". … Continue reading Real-Life Interested but Concerned

Should Public Transport Be Subsidised?

This is a guest post by Joseph Corbett-Davies. A few months back National leader Christopher Luxon kicked off some controversy after his unexpected comment that public transport should “stand on its own feet”, and that it should not be “subsidised or underwritten.” This resulted in immediate challenges from the media and Labour about whether he … Continue reading Should Public Transport Be Subsidised?

Bicycles of Saturday Morning Sport

Every week I take the kids down to the local park for Saturday morning sports. Centennial Park is on a major cycle route and a lot of parents bike down with their kids. There's always quite the selection of family-friendly bicycles on display. Here are a few from the last couple of weeks. Long-tail e-bike … Continue reading Bicycles of Saturday Morning Sport

Musings on Financing of Transport Infrastructure

I'm no economist, but I have been fortunate enough to have talked with some very smart economists who are well connected with the big decision-makers. Below are some themes I've picked up over these talks that affect transport infrastructure. I'm not an expert on this so some may not be quite right, but food for … Continue reading Musings on Financing of Transport Infrastructure

Reducing emissions: no longer a moral decision but a financial one

Up till now reducing petrol and diesel consumption has been framed as an optional choice. At a personal level, people see riding a bike or catching a bus as something good they can do if they are feeling generous, but they trade that off against things like convenience and comfort and often it loses out. … Continue reading Reducing emissions: no longer a moral decision but a financial one

Cycleways Versus Free Public Transport

Recently I saw the following exchange on Twitter, where Canterbury Regional Councillor Megan Hands suggests that making buses free is a better way of reducing emissions than building cycleways. Firstly, I love that our left and right leaning politicians are past debating whether climate change is a thing or not and are now debating the … Continue reading Cycleways Versus Free Public Transport

Yogi Berra Fallacies

I just heard of the Yogi Berra fallacy last week. I don't know anything about him other than his name is very similar to Yogi Bear from the old cartoons, he supposedly was a baseball player, and he apparently said the quote below. The Yogi Berra fallacy has now become the name for all sorts … Continue reading Yogi Berra Fallacies

Increasing petrol prices – what does it mean for transport?

High petrol prices have hit the headlines lately. A lot has been written about the causes of it so I won't go there, I'm more interested in the impacts it might have. MBIE published the graph below showing the cost of regular petrol. It shows that pre-covid, fuel costs were relatively flat at just over … Continue reading Increasing petrol prices – what does it mean for transport?

Rapid Transit – What’s Happening?

There has been a flurry of activity about rapid transit in the last week that was quite confusing. I thought I'd write this post to remind everyone where Christchurch is at with rapid transit at the moment, and hopefully clarify things a little. Here is a timeline of events over the last 5 years. 2017 … Continue reading Rapid Transit – What’s Happening?

Traffic in a New Zealand City

I finally found out why Christchurch is so car-centric. And no it's not that we have an inexplicable love of cars that is different to every other city in the world. It's not just that we have always been a "car-city". It's not our topography, weather, economy or location. Christchurch is car-centric because in 1965 … Continue reading Traffic in a New Zealand City