Public Transport Patronage

I always enjoy seeing Greater Auckland publish monthly patronage data up there. I've shamelessly copied their format ("Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness" and all that), and present to you the monthly public transport patronage data for Greater Christchurch. I'm keen to do this regularly, but it probably … Continue reading Public Transport Patronage

Christchurch City Council or ECan? Who should manage public transport?

Something that has been going on for a while now is that the Christchurch City Council (CCC) has been attempting to get the Local Government Act (the Act) changed to enable the transference of public transport management and administrative responsibility from the Canterbury Regional Council (ECan) to themselves. The legislation currently stops this from happening. … Continue reading Christchurch City Council or ECan? Who should manage public transport?

Canterbury passenger rail & housing: Workshop 3

Our second workshop was a rather exciting affair. It was great to get some insights from Phil Twyford himself. There were a good few people in the audience who weren't aware of many of the issues that the minister covered. Please be invited to the third public workshop on passenger rail and housing for Canterbury, … Continue reading Canterbury passenger rail & housing: Workshop 3

Rolleston Rail- What’s taking so long?

On Wednesday Anan Zaki of The Star published an article about trains to Rolleston titled Long Wait Possible for Rolleston Commuter Rail Service (here, page 1, then continued on page 4). It pits Selwyn Member of Parliament the Hon Amy Adams (National party) against the Minister of Housing and Transport the Hon Phil Twyford (Labour … Continue reading Rolleston Rail- What’s taking so long?

Fewer Cars = Good Times

Concerning city centres, slower speed limits, more walkable streets, and what lessons Auckland and Wellington should learn from what's happened in Christchurch city centre post-quakes. This article first appeared over at TraNZport blog and is republished with permission.There is a lot of debate going on in Auckland at the moment about restricting city centre traffic … Continue reading Fewer Cars = Good Times

Nobody Rides Bikes in Winter! Right?

Recently somebody said to me something to the effect of: "we shouldn't be building cycleways because even if they're OK in summer, nobody will ever use them in winter". I thought I'd take a look into this claim. A few weeks ago I wrote about some results from the last 6 months of data from … Continue reading Nobody Rides Bikes in Winter! Right?

Canterbury Passenger Rail Workshop 2

On Monday we had our second public workshop to discuss Canterbury Passenger rail. Like the first workshop, we had a good turnout of around 50 people, again with good representation from a range of backgrounds: the general public, community groups, engineers, planners, politicians and commissioners.The format was very different though this time. We took a … Continue reading Canterbury Passenger Rail Workshop 2