Transparency at last

In my last blog, I asked: “how is Canterbury patronage doing?” The background to that question is that Auckland Transport regularly puts their patronage data onto their website, and Greater Wellington used to update their data monthly until mid-2018. With Environment Canterbury (ECan), you’ve got to dive into the reports that go to their Greater … Continue reading Transparency at last

Patronage update

Greetings of the season from Stewart Island. The other day, I wrote a piece about patronage in Auckland, Greater Wellington, and Greater Christchurch.  This was based on Auckland data up until October 2018, and Wellington and Canterbury data up until June. Here’s an update. Auckland Transport issued the November update on their website in mid-December. … Continue reading Patronage update

Lies, damned lies, and patronage statistics

Let it be known that I'm not a great fan of how our regional council, ECan, presents their patronage statistics. In August 2018, they reported the following to the Greater Christchurch Public Transport Joint Committee: Patronage for the year ending 30 June 2018 rose by just under one percent to 13,572,240 boardings for the year. … Continue reading Lies, damned lies, and patronage statistics

Snail’s pace on Colombo Street

It’s time we did something useful with Colombo Street so that transport objectives outlined in the city’s guiding central city planning document, An Accessible City (AAC), can be met. There’s only one useful thing to do and that is close Colombo Street somewhere. Below I’ll tell you where, and why. AAC says (on page 5): … Continue reading Snail’s pace on Colombo Street

Cycling in Berlin – sehr gut!

You look at Berlin these days and no doubt, it’s a cycling city. In fact, cycling has a 13% mode share, and has one of the highest ride-to-work proportions of any city with over one million residents. You probably think that it would have always been like that, right?  No, wrong. Cycling in Berlin is … Continue reading Cycling in Berlin – sehr gut!

Why do we charge for Metrocards?

The Metrocard has been with us since October 2003 and it was introduced during a time when everything around public transport in Christchurch was looking positive and upwards. The Orbiter had been introduced in 1999; an immediate hit with the public. The Bus Exchange had opened in November 2000, replacing the windswept Square with an … Continue reading Why do we charge for Metrocards?