Various Consultations

There is a tonne of stuff out for consultation at the moment, so this is a quick update on a few that I think are particularly interesting. Get in and have your say if you're that way inclined. Firstly, Ecan are changing Routes 17 and 28. They are increasing frequencies, improving bus stops, and getting … Continue reading Various Consultations

Changing Street Design

Just a quick note to say that there is new guidance emerging around how to design our streets. In the recent past our guidance has tended to focus mostly on how to design roads to be efficient conduits of movement. This new guidance coming out has a much broader focus, thinking about everything else that … Continue reading Changing Street Design

Canterbury Public Transport Funding (or lack of)

I wrote previously about the recently released National Land Transport Programme. This sets out transport funding for the next three years. Canterbury missed out badly on funding, recieving only about half what it should have. If you look just at public transport, the gap widens even further. Over the next three years, Auckland will recieve … Continue reading Canterbury Public Transport Funding (or lack of)

National Land Transport Programme

Waka Kotahi Transport Agency just released the National Land Transport Programme for 2021-24. This lays out what they'll be spending money on over the next 3 years. Greater Auckland did a brief summary here. This blog highlights a few observations that stood out to me. Waka Kotahi is still coming to grips with the transition … Continue reading National Land Transport Programme

Free Bus Fares

Ecan recently commissioned a study into making buses free in Christchurch. Metro Fares Analysis - FinalDownload As a reminder, this is the current fare levels. Christchurch fares are relatively low by national standards - certainly much cheaper than both Auckland and Wellington. A couple of interesting points about fares in Christchurch: 12% of total patronage … Continue reading Free Bus Fares

Riding a Bike is Good for you if you have Diabetes

Just a brief note to say that another medical article has been published showing that riding a bike improves your health. jamainternal_riedlarsen_2021_oi_210036_1625699526.32027Download It is well-established now that riding a bike every day decreases your chances of premature mortality. This study takes it further and shows that this is even more so if you have diabetes. … Continue reading Riding a Bike is Good for you if you have Diabetes

Bells and bikes

This is a guest post from reader Tim Frank I regularly use a shared path, often with my children. I constantly have to look over my shoulder to see whether a fast bike is coming. From a pedestrian or slow cyclist view, some of the bikes come up very quickly indeed. When we return home … Continue reading Bells and bikes

Christchurch Hospital Bike Parking

I've whinged about hospital bike parking before (here and here), but they seem to keep on making the same mistakes so I'll try again. I had to visit the emergency department last week. It's in the recently completed Waipapa building, a state-of-the-art facility that opened late last year, cost $525m, and is the biggest hospital … Continue reading Christchurch Hospital Bike Parking

Christchurch Housing Density

Housing density determines transport provision. I think this needs to be talked about more in Christchurch. This article uses Census data to confirm that this is the case in Canterbury, then uses pictures to discuss how this plays out for different types of housing we have in Christchurch. The 2018 Census asked people what type … Continue reading Christchurch Housing Density

Putting Bus Ridership Numbers into Perspective

Christchurch's public transport is often talked about in a negative light. It attracts a low mode share for a city of Christchurch's size, and recently this mode share has been shrinking rather than growing. This constant negativity is justified, but I do wonder if it has made people underappreciate how many people Christchurch's public transport … Continue reading Putting Bus Ridership Numbers into Perspective