Lincoln Road Bus Lanes

I took a video of a bus attempting to use the Lincoln Rd bus lanes today. It wasn't the smoothest. The driver used it for about 50m before getting stuck behind someone's car they'd inadvertantly left in the way, had to awkwardly push into the traffic lane to get around it, then went another 50 … Continue reading Lincoln Road Bus Lanes

Is the Central City Fit for Purpose?

Christchurch's city centre seems to be like Marmite: people either love it or hate it with no in between. Just from my personal observations, I reckon people who spend a lot of time in the central city tend to love it, whilst people who only visit occasionally or not at all tend to hate it. … Continue reading Is the Central City Fit for Purpose?

Historic Public Transport Use

Auckland Transport recently released their Transport Emissions Reduction Plan, also known by the terrible acronym "TERP". The full document includes the graph below, showing public transport usage per capita over the last hundred years or so. I quite like this graph, because it simultaneously shows the enormity of the change that will be coming in … Continue reading Historic Public Transport Use

Public Transport Visions

There seem to have been a lot of blogs and twitter threads popping up over the last few weeks describing what we should be doing in Ōtautahi Christchurch to rebuild our public transport into a 21st century system befitting Aotearoa’s second city. For example: Brendon Harre’s plan here: Cameron Matthews' vision here: Mostly Okay's plans … Continue reading Public Transport Visions

Hagley CAR-park

I stumbled upon this brochure at work last week. Looks intriguing right? It turned out to be a consultation document for the 2003 Christchurch parking strategy. I thought it was quite an interesting way to do it. Consultation documents can often be stuffy, dry reads, But this one is packed full of puns, outrageous strawmen, … Continue reading Hagley CAR-park

Bus Time Quick Wins

I caught the 60 bus into town the other day and was appalled at how slow it was. Luckily I'd GPS tracked my trip, so can have a closer look at the numbers. I boarded the bus in Hoon Hay at 8.30am on a Thursday and rode just under 5km to the hospital. It took … Continue reading Bus Time Quick Wins

Housing Choice Consultation

In May Christchurch City Council consulted on changes to the District Plan to enable more housing and business in the city. Most of these changes are required by law, but there are a few small areas where local council has scope to customise things. The consultation summary has now been published here. I won't say … Continue reading Housing Choice Consultation

Building Consents in Christchurch

I never noticed before but Stats NZ publish really detailed and up-to-date data on building consents. I've had a play with it in excel and come up with a few visualisation below, which some people may find interesting. First up, animations showing all residential building consents issued in the last 32 years, split by standalone … Continue reading Building Consents in Christchurch

“the average bus-passenger is on a bus that’s much more full than the average bus” Paradox

Following on from me discovering the yogi berra paradox for the first time a few weeks ago, today I discovered another paradox which I feel stupid for not knowing about before now. This one doesn't seem to have a proper name or anything more about it online, but I think it's really interesting and quite … Continue reading “the average bus-passenger is on a bus that’s much more full than the average bus” Paradox

Real-Life Interested but Concerned

I've heard a lot of talk about the 4 categories of cyclist; No way no howInterested but concernedEnthused and confidentStrong and fearless I've sometimes struggled with these definitions, as I don't feel like I neatly fall into any of them. But I did recently meet someone who was the very definition of "interested but concerned". … Continue reading Real-Life Interested but Concerned