Alternative Public Transport Strategy: Dump the Buses for E-Bikes

There's a curious idea going around Christchurch at the moment that I've heard from multiple different people. Why don't we dump the bus network and instead buy everyone an e-bike? The attraction is that this would perform a similar transport function but for much lower cost. Added bonuses include lower carbon emissions, healthier population, less … Continue reading Alternative Public Transport Strategy: Dump the Buses for E-Bikes

Hospital Bike Parking Petition

I've previously pondered on how strange it is that the hospital continues to not supply its staff with bike parks (here and here). I've now been told that staff have organised a petition for bike parking.  So far 1,000 people have signed, which seems to me like quite a lot, given the hospital employs about … Continue reading Hospital Bike Parking Petition

“No bike parking” signs that don’t provide an alternative

Something that irritates me far more than it should, is when people put up signs that say "no bike parking" but don't tell people what they are expected to do instead. My local dairy has this sign on the window: But there is nowhere else where you can put your bike; no bike parks, not … Continue reading “No bike parking” signs that don’t provide an alternative

Free Metrocards!

Axel has written here previously how much he hates the $10 charge for metrocards. He explains how we never used to pay for them, it was introduced in 2011 to give Ecan some "free" money. Well he'll be happy to see that a few days ago Ecan announced that they are waiving this $10 fee … Continue reading Free Metrocards!

The Christchurch Transport Cake

I recently participated in a workshop all about how to communicate complex ideas in ways that are useful to the general public. There was a lot to take in (notes here for anyone interested). One point that stood out to me was that you need to make sure you're "selling the cake, not the ingredients". … Continue reading The Christchurch Transport Cake

Census 2018 – More Bus Maps

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article with maps showing results from the 2018 census. These included the two maps below. The first shows the percentage of people who normally ride the bus to work, organised by where they live. And this second map shows the same thing but organised by where they … Continue reading Census 2018 – More Bus Maps

Catching the Bus in Alert Level 2

Yesterday I ventured out after 8 weeks of isolation. I worked from home all through Alert Levels 2 and 3 so haven't caught any buses, but yesterday I needed to catch the bus into the office, so thought I'd share what it's like now. Buses are running to their regular timetables again now, they have … Continue reading Catching the Bus in Alert Level 2

Bye-Bye Lockdown

With the move from Alert Level 3 to Alert Level 2 tomorrow, lockdown is officially over. In most ways that's great; people able to get back to work and businesses humming again. But there are some downsides; pollution for one. Another thing I'll be sad about is my children losing the use of the streets … Continue reading Bye-Bye Lockdown

Deprivation versus Public Transport Use

My last blog looked at census 2018 travel to work data. I made an offhand statement that in Christchurch, there is a positive correlation between deprivation and public transport use. The lay-term translation is that "buses are only for poor people". I also stated this wasn't the case in Wellington and Auckland, cities where everyone … Continue reading Deprivation versus Public Transport Use