NIMBY’s and YIMBY’s: to Elevate or Delevate?

Geographic scale matters in decision-making about cities. You might have heard of NIMBY’s (Not In My Back Yard) and YIMBY’s (Yes In My Back Yard). These terms are often used derogatively, but I reckon it’s often completely understandable behaviour - just people trying to protect their interests. There are lots of urban issues where people … Continue reading NIMBY’s and YIMBY’s: to Elevate or Delevate?

New Research

Waka Kotahi Transport Agency are pumping out heaps of good research at the moment. Here's a quick rundown of four of the recently released ones I've seen. Safety Interventions and their Contribution to Mode Shift ( This one looked at a number of case studies for streets that were made safer for people walking, cycling … Continue reading New Research

Vehemently anti-car? Or broken transport market?

Whenever anything gets built that makes life easier for people on foot, bike or bus, I inevitably hear people say things along the lines of transport engineers and planners not making sensible decisions and instead being driven by an irrational anti-car ideology. For example this comment about reducing speed limits from 50 to 30km/h. Needless … Continue reading Vehemently anti-car? Or broken transport market?

Buying an Electric Car

I've been considering buying an electric car recently. I currently have an old petrol car that's getting towards the end of its life so am shopping around for something new. One model I've been looking at is an MG ZS, a smallish SUV. It provides an interesting wee case study because it comes in both … Continue reading Buying an Electric Car

Canterbury A & P Show

I went to the A & P show today. It was great and would highly recommend. Watching the dog trials was probably the highlight for me. I biked in. The organisers had made some effort to accommodate bikes by fencing off a small area for parking, but it was way too small so there were … Continue reading Canterbury A & P Show

Lincoln Road Bus Lanes

I took a video of a bus attempting to use the Lincoln Rd bus lanes today. It wasn't the smoothest. The driver used it for about 50m before getting stuck behind someone's car they'd inadvertantly left in the way, had to awkwardly push into the traffic lane to get around it, then went another 50 … Continue reading Lincoln Road Bus Lanes

Is the Central City Fit for Purpose?

Christchurch's city centre seems to be like Marmite: people either love it or hate it with no in between. Just from my personal observations, I reckon people who spend a lot of time in the central city tend to love it, whilst people who only visit occasionally or not at all tend to hate it. … Continue reading Is the Central City Fit for Purpose?

Historic Public Transport Use

Auckland Transport recently released their Transport Emissions Reduction Plan, also known by the terrible acronym "TERP". The full document includes the graph below, showing public transport usage per capita over the last hundred years or so. I quite like this graph, because it simultaneously shows the enormity of the change that will be coming in … Continue reading Historic Public Transport Use

Public Transport Visions

There seem to have been a lot of blogs and twitter threads popping up over the last few weeks describing what we should be doing in Ōtautahi Christchurch to rebuild our public transport into a 21st century system befitting Aotearoa’s second city. For example: Brendon Harre’s plan here: Cameron Matthews' vision here: Mostly Okay's plans … Continue reading Public Transport Visions

Hagley CAR-park

I stumbled upon this brochure at work last week. Looks intriguing right? It turned out to be a consultation document for the 2003 Christchurch parking strategy. I thought it was quite an interesting way to do it. Consultation documents can often be stuffy, dry reads, But this one is packed full of puns, outrageous strawmen, … Continue reading Hagley CAR-park