Cycle Counts February 2019

I keep seeing comments in various social media circles that no one in Christchurch cycles. It's always just anecdotal, but even then I don't understand it. My own anecdotal data source - the bike-shed-O-meter- suggests cycling numbers are going through the roof. But the good news is we don't actually have to rely on anecdotal … Continue reading Cycle Counts February 2019

Tracking Roadworks

For the last 5 years Christchurch Transport Operations Centre (CTOC) have been tracking the levels of roadworks in Christchurch. They do this through an online system which contractors use to apply for their "traffic management plans" (TMPs). GIS software is then used to calculate the total length of roads affected by the TMPs, as a … Continue reading Tracking Roadworks

Socially Optimal Solutions

Congestion is a problem of bad economics, not bad engineering. I've heard this said a few times and I think it's worth repeating. Another way of putting this is that our current economic framework does not result in a "socially optimal solution". Economists define a "socially optimal solution" as "the optimal distribution of resources in … Continue reading Socially Optimal Solutions

What Makes Cities Tick?

A few months back I saw an interesting thread of tweets written by Kent Lundberg, an urban designer who has been a big part of the revival of the Auckland city centre in recent years. I think it's a neat wee summary of what makes city centres tick. I took 3 points out of this: … Continue reading What Makes Cities Tick?

Why people oppose good transport policy – central city speed limits

This post first appeared at TraNZport and is republished with permission. Further speed limit changes have been approved in Christchurch’s inner city, which will see a number of roads changed from 50 kilometres per hour to 30 kilometres per hour. This decision was made despite overwhelming opposition from the submissions process. Cue outrage. “It’ll take … Continue reading Why people oppose good transport policy – central city speed limits

Good State Builders Are Hard To Find!

Finding someone to lead the building of 100,000 affordable homes is a big ask. This article first appeared at Brendon Harre's blog and is republished with permission. New Zealand has a system of government where elected government Ministers do not directly employ staff for their departments. Ministers produce policies as a result of electoral outcomes … Continue reading Good State Builders Are Hard To Find!

Pedestrianise the City Centre?

Recently Auckland announced that they are going to completely transform their city centre by pedestrianising Queen Street, and making an amazing environment for everyone on foot, on bike or in public transport throughout the whole central city. This will be achieved by retaining vehicle movements only for servicing and access, and removing all through traffic … Continue reading Pedestrianise the City Centre?