2019, 2020 and Beyond!

Everyone seems to be penning their reviews of 2019 and their hopes for 2020 at the moment. Brendon Harre went even further and tried to look ahead to 2030. I thought I'd chuck my 2 cents in as well. Three big highlights from 2019 were: Government passing the Zero Carbon Bill with cross-party support. I … Continue reading 2019, 2020 and Beyond!

Some observations: Christchurch

This post first appeared at TraNZport and is republished with permission. Over the Christmas break I undertook a trip to Christchurch, where I got to use the bus system quite a bit as well as generally travel about the wider metropolitan area by bus, car, and on my feet. It was an interesting trip as … Continue reading Some observations: Christchurch

Selling a Stadium

This article was sent in by a reader of the blog who wishes to remain anonymous. On Monday 9 December Council released the Investment Case for the Christchurch Multi Use Arena (CMUA), a $3 million report along with a public relations spin assuring us it’s all good. The Press has offered their own spin assuring … Continue reading Selling a Stadium

Christchurch Round-Up

There are several projects out for consultation at the moment that could have a resonable impact on transport in various parts of Canterbury. This post is a very quick round-up of the ones that stood out to me. Firstly, Christchurch City Council is consulting on the Linwood Public Transport Hub. Linwood is the third busiest … Continue reading Christchurch Round-Up

Christchurch Hospital Parking

Christchurch hospital car parking has long since captured the imagination of the Christchurch populous. The hospital has little on-site car parking. If you want to drive to the hospital there are plenty of pick-up drop-off spaces, but if you want to store your vehicle for any length of time you have to put it in … Continue reading Christchurch Hospital Parking

Rail Land 2019

Coming up soon is an interesting rail/peformance mash-up that gives people an extemely rare chance to travel by train up the Weka Pass Railway in North Canterbury. Anthonie Tonnon is presenting a new edition of his Rail Land show, with a national tour this December. Rail Land is a tour celebrating passenger rail in Aotearoa. … Continue reading Rail Land 2019

City Council Election Results

Local election preliminary results are in now and here are some initial thoughts. It seems to have been taken down now, but the Stuff live coverage over the weekend reported that 2019 had a higher turnout of young voters than the last few elections, a higher number of younger candidates elected, and a higher proportion … Continue reading City Council Election Results