The curse of “East-West links”: Rethinking ‘road strategies’ as ‘transport strategies’

This post first appeared on TraNZport and is republished with permission. A few years ago, something strange happened in Melbourne. A major inner-city motorway (or, freeway as Victorians prefer) was proposed at the eye watering tune of $15-17 billion, with a first stage of almost $6 billion contracted just before the state election of 2014. … Continue reading The curse of “East-West links”: Rethinking ‘road strategies’ as ‘transport strategies’

Christchurch Transport Update

Here's a quick update of a few significant things I've seen happening in the transport world of late. There was a fantastic article on newsroom by Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw, that voiced a lot of the frustrations I've found working in transport in Aotearoa: "it is timely to explore why transport is an area in which … Continue reading Christchurch Transport Update