Canterbury passenger rail & housing: Workshop 3

Our second workshop was a rather exciting affair. It was great to get some insights from Phil Twyford himself. There were a good few people in the audience who weren’t aware of many of the issues that the minister covered.

Please be invited to the third public workshop on passenger rail and housing for Canterbury, to be held on Monday, 29 April 2019, 6.00 to 7.30pm at Tūranga (central library) in the Tautoru / TSB Space meeting room on the first floor.

Once again we have an exciting guest speaker: Mark Fraser will be with us in person and talk about his experience of delivering high-density urban developments in Auckland. Mark works for HLC, a subsidiary of Housing New Zealand. They’ve been working on the Hobsonville Point development since 2006. Fun fact: 82% of Hobsonville Point children walk or ride to school. They must be doing something right and we need to have high-density developments along the railway lines to make passenger rail viable. Hence it’s vital that we discuss the suitability of this approach for Canterbury.

Mark Fraser from HLC in Auckland will be our guest speaker

We’ll start the evening with a recap of workshop 2. Then we’ll introduce possible project objective and attendees will workshop these. After Mark’s presentation and a Q&A session, we’ll have a look at ECan’s business case processes. All done by 7.30pm.

We hope to see you all there on Monday! And no more gold coin collection at the door. Click on the logo below if you want to give a little to cover venue costs.

click on the logo to give a little

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