Bicycles of Saturday Morning Sport

Every week I take the kids down to the local park for Saturday morning sports. Centennial Park is on a major cycle route and a lot of parents bike down with their kids. There’s always quite the selection of family-friendly bicycles on display. Here are a few from the last couple of weeks.

Long-tail e-bike that can carry several kids – with built-in pannier bags
Another one, but with safety bars so toddlers can’t fall out
Similar again plus a really big rack on the front for carrying gear.
Cargo E-bike with the kids at the front
Smaller E-bike with massive gear bag/child seat?
Two regular e-bikes with trailers on the back (one is mine). A couple of trailerless e-bikes in there too
Regular bike fitted with panniers and toddler seat

There are plenty of regular bikes as well of course.

I know from my own experience that getting around the local neighbourhood by bike is a great option when you have young children, and it seems like more and more people are catching on to this. The massive selection of kid-carrying bikes you can get now, combined with cycleways and safe streets, have turned cycling into a genuine option for parents trying to shuttle their kids around the neighbourhood.

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