July Public Transport Patronage

I published some Christchurch public transport patronage data previously here. Here is the latest data, up to the end of July. And here it is again but zoomed in a bit. The twelve months to July 2019 had an average of 1.14m passengers. This is down very slightly, around 0.1%, from the twelve months to … Continue reading July Public Transport Patronage

Election Inspection

You wouldn't know it from the general lack of buzz, but local elections are coming up in 7 weeks. In my opinion, local elections have been set up to be ridiculously over-complicated. I've voted in several elections now but still don't completely understand how it all fits together, so I thought I'd try to explain … Continue reading Election Inspection

Victoria Street Upgrade

Council recently finished consulting on changes to Victoria Street (here). This will likely now be approved and constructed. As I summarised previously here, it has been a long and confusing road for this project, which began its life as a significant change to the way transport would function on Victoria Street, but has ended up … Continue reading Victoria Street Upgrade

What happens next? Beyond roads in Christchurch.

This article first appeared at blog and is republished with permission. Beyond RoNS One of the key reasons the previous government established the Roads of National Significance (RoNS) programme was to stimulate New Zealand’s economy by providing a programme of large scale infrastructure projects that would provide employment during construction and, reduce congestion and journey times … Continue reading What happens next? Beyond roads in Christchurch.

Lincoln Road Bus Lanes Going Ahead

The Lincoln Road bus lanes consultation has closed and Council have published the feedback here. In response they have made some tweaks to the plans and and will now proceed with detailed design and construction,  which is currently expected to start early in the new year (Stuff article here). The project is primarily about allowing … Continue reading Lincoln Road Bus Lanes Going Ahead

Are Cycleways Really that Controversial?

There's a perception in some circles that the Christchurch cycleways are extremely controversial. Many mainstream media articles that mention them end up attracting screeds of negative comments - examples here and here. But how controversial are the cycleways really? I keep on seeing data that suggests they are really not that controversial for most people. … Continue reading Are Cycleways Really that Controversial?

What will Replace Oil? Hydrogen or Batteries?

There is an interesting sub-plot going on in the race to replace fossil fueled vehicles with something more environmentally sustainable. This is a summary of the situation as far as I can make it out. It's fairly universally acknowledged now that we need to stop burning fossil fuels. One way of doing this is to … Continue reading What will Replace Oil? Hydrogen or Batteries?