Random Pictures from Around Otautahi

This blog is a collection of pictures I've taken over the last few weeks that some of you may find interesting. I've seen lots of strange gadgets popping up lately. I don't even know what these are called... Motorised seatless unicycle? Single-wheeler motorised skateboard? Finally a green option for tradies needing utes The warm spell … Continue reading Random Pictures from Around Otautahi

Kaiapoi Cycleway Response

A few weeks a go I published a blog about what's happening with the Kaiapoi cycleway, following an article in stuff. Yesterday I had an email response from one of the residents expanding on the issues from his point of view, which I've published in full below: Chris, A response to your Kaiapoi cycle way … Continue reading Kaiapoi Cycleway Response

Bike Parking at Lewis St Shops

A while ago I wrote a post complaining about places which have signs telling you where you can't park your bike but don't provide anywhere to park it, while simultaneously providing big areas of car parking. One of my examples was the Lewis Street dairy, who have this sign on their window. Since then, council … Continue reading Bike Parking at Lewis St Shops

Public versus Private Transport

I was pondering the other day whether it's still helpful to categorise transport into either "private" or"public". When you say "public transport" people immediately envisage buses, trains and ferries. When you say "private transport" people immediately think cars. But the split is not as clean as that. "Public transport" services are funded roughly 25% through … Continue reading Public versus Private Transport

Land Value Maps

Transport is inseparable from land-use. And one metric that can tell you a lot about land use is land value. I've known this for a while but not actually done a whole lot with it. Recently we've been looking at this more at work so I thought I'd see what I can find publicly available. … Continue reading Land Value Maps

Where is the best area to live in Christchurch?

I was recently emailed by someone who is currently living overseas but returning to Christchurch. She asked where is the best place in the city to live? I'm sure a few readers have some passionate views on this. But I'll run through my views first. These things in particular are important to her: Good access … Continue reading Where is the best area to live in Christchurch?

Commuter Waka

Stats NZ recently held a competition to see who could come up with a "cool, interactive visualisation of 2018 Census data about the way people commute to work and education". The winner was announced as Jono Cooper, who came up with the Waka Commuter app now available here. I had a play with it and … Continue reading Commuter Waka

What other cities are doing: Brisbane

This post first appeared at TraNZport and is republished with permission. Brisbane is a city that I am somewhat familiar with as I have had family living there since I was a kid. It isn’t necessarily a city you would equate with good transport initiatives. It’s a huge, sprawling mass of single detached homes, punctuated … Continue reading What other cities are doing: Brisbane

Kaiapoi Cycleway Craziness

There was an article appeared on Stuff a few days ago that described how construction of a cycleway in Kaiapoi has been put on hold because a group of local residents have decided they don't like it. A did a little digging, and from what's available online, the facts seem to be that: Waimakariri developed … Continue reading Kaiapoi Cycleway Craziness

Transport Funding – taxes, fees and fairness

This post first appeared at Nick Lovett's blog and is republished with permission. Transport funding is very poorly understood in NZ, certainly by the general public but also by people who work in the field. It is quite a complex ecosystem, and this article helps frame the picture a little. I’ve heard many people argue … Continue reading Transport Funding – taxes, fees and fairness