Fewer Cars = Good Times

Concerning city centres, slower speed limits, more walkable streets, and what lessons Auckland and Wellington should learn from what's happened in Christchurch city centre post-quakes. This article first appeared over at TraNZport blog and is republished with permission.There is a lot of debate going on in Auckland at the moment about restricting city centre traffic … Continue reading Fewer Cars = Good Times

Pedestrianise the City Centre?

Recently Auckland announced that they are going to completely transform their city centre by pedestrianising Queen Street, and making an amazing environment for everyone on foot, on bike or in public transport throughout the whole central city. This will be achieved by retaining vehicle movements only for servicing and access, and removing all through traffic … Continue reading Pedestrianise the City Centre?

Christchurch Transport Update

Here's a quick update of a few significant things I've seen happening in the transport world of late. There was a fantastic article on newsroom by Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw, that voiced a lot of the frustrations I've found working in transport in Aotearoa: "it is timely to explore why transport is an area in which … Continue reading Christchurch Transport Update