Monday Night CHAT Club

A reminder that this Monday 29th October CHAT Club (Christchurch Housing and Transport) will be meeting up again.

Last month we had a lively discussion on the Northern Corridor motorway, with Axel Wilke and former mayor Garry Moore speaking.

This month is Biketober, so we are having City Councillor Sara Templeton talking about “bikelash” in Christchurch as the Major Cycle Routes have been rolled out. Sara will provide a political perspective on the nature of the bikelash phenomenon, what responses have proved effective in Christchurch, and where to from here in bringing the community along to deliver the 21st century sustainable vision that people have asked for as we rebuild our city. Followed by an open discussion – all welcome.

It starts at 6pm at the Bailies Bar in Edgeware, event details are here. Feel free to just turn up, no RSVP needed. Also feel free to join the facebook group if you want to stay informed with future Club goings-on.

In case you haven’t read my previous posts and are wondering what this is about, CHAT Club is an open forum for discussions on current and future housing and transport matters in the Greater Christchurch / Canterbury area. Anyone who has a professional or personal interest in discussing and learning about current and future housing and transport issues in Chch/Canty is welcome to contribute, including politicians, practitioners, developers, policy-makers, researchers, advocates, academics, and the interested general public

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