Council Climate Change Survey

Christchurch City Council is undertaking a survey of resident’s views on climate change, which will inform its new Climate Change Strategy currently being prepared.

Council Head of Strategic Policy Emma Davis says:

“Climate change has major implications for the health and well-being of current and future residents and for the planning and nature of urban development, infrastructure, transport, energy, flood and groundwater management and biodiversity protection, so it is one of our most important focuses.”

“The findings of the survey will help inform our Climate Change Strategy and the action plans that will support it, so I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to fill the survey out.”

If you have any views on climate change, check out the link below and let Council know how you feel.

Survey here. It will close on the 31st May.



One thought on “Council Climate Change Survey

  1. I hope the survey is used to inform an education programme, not to set targets or suggest mechanisms for mitigation. The lag between scientific understanding and public understanding is marked. Older adults have far less concern about climate change than younger adults, on average, too. Local Governments are required under the LGA to plan for current and future generations, so how the CCC uses this data must be cognisant of the limitations of its basis.


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