Get your Voting Papers In!

I was hoping to get a better Christchurch voting guide together but seem to have run out of time, as you will have all received your voting papers now and if you’re organised may have even sent them back in again.

So instead I’ll just refer you to some really good voting guides.

1. Generation Zero

Generation Zero have put together their score cards here:

ECAN Candidates who got A grades for their policies on addressing climate change were Greg Byrnes, Chrys Horn, Craig Pauling, Jenny Hughey, Lan Pham, Phil Clearwater, Rik Tindall, Paul McMahon and Axel Wilke, so if you vote for them you’re doing your kids a favour.

No mayoral candidates received A grades, the best were John Minto and Lianne Dalziel with B’s. Lianne Dalziel had the best transport policy with an A-, but was let down by her urban form and energy policies.

Again, no Christchurch City Council candidates received A’s, but there were quite a few with B+’s: Pauline Cotter, Mike Davidson, Lee Sampson, Sara Templeton, Mark Wilson and Anthony Rimell.

2. The Spinoff

If you have more time, The Spinoff have done a really comprehensive collation of candidates and policies here:

3. Axel-O-Meter

Lastly, there’s the fairly reliable Axel-O-meter:

If there’s one takeaway from Axel’s blog it’s probably this: if you care anything at all about the planet and your kids (or other’s kids), then don’t vote for Daryl Park for mayor, who is “either a climate science denier or so disinterested that he does not even have the most basic understanding (whichever it is, either is totally unacceptable)”.

Happy Voting!

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