Underrated Things Christchurch is Good at

This is a list of 8 things Christchurch is awesome at, that I think are underrated in the typical “what’s the best city in New Zealand” arguments.

1. Christchurch has by far the longest tomato growing season

2. It has a superior system of curbside rubbish collection

3. The best whisky shop in (possibly) the Southern Hemisphere

Our Store

4. Most bike friendly city


5. Best Library. Tūranga has won every award going since it opened in 2018. Wellington used to be a contender until their’s got shut down. Nice review by Barnaby Bennet here.


6. Flattest city. Some people love this, others hate it.

7. It never rains here. The graph below shows data from NIWA for a bunch of areas in New Zealand. Cities over 100,000 people are highlighted red, showing Christchurch has by far the fewest.

8. Good club football scene. I can vouch for this one. Parklands for Life.

We may have an inefficient urban form, poorly integrated transport system, empty central city, and uninspiring fashion sense (black puffer jacket anyone?), but we are definitely winning in some areas.

Any others you’ve noticed?

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