Public Transport Patronage

Just a quick update on public transport patronage in Greater Christchurch. Monthly patronage for the last 8 years looks like this. It dropped off massively through covid. It has been clawing it's way back most of this year and is currently sitting about 85% of pre-covid levels, and it's now probably the driver shortages holding … Continue reading Public Transport Patronage

NIMBY’s and YIMBY’s: to Elevate or Delevate?

Geographic scale matters in decision-making about cities. You might have heard of NIMBY’s (Not In My Back Yard) and YIMBY’s (Yes In My Back Yard). These terms are often used derogatively, but I reckon it’s often completely understandable behaviour - just people trying to protect their interests. There are lots of urban issues where people … Continue reading NIMBY’s and YIMBY’s: to Elevate or Delevate?

New Research

Waka Kotahi Transport Agency are pumping out heaps of good research at the moment. Here's a quick rundown of four of the recently released ones I've seen. Safety Interventions and their Contribution to Mode Shift ( This one looked at a number of case studies for streets that were made safer for people walking, cycling … Continue reading New Research