City Council Election Results

Local election preliminary results are in now and here are some initial thoughts. It seems to have been taken down now, but the Stuff live coverage over the weekend reported that 2019 had a higher turnout of young voters than the last few elections, a higher number of younger candidates elected, and a higher proportion … Continue reading City Council Election Results

Another Step Forward for the City

The Riverside Market opened yesterday (here) so I popped in to have a look. I was impressed - it is a sleek building with some interesting design, reused materials, all sorts of mongers selling the food that you can't buy at Pac'n'Save (locally produced cheeses, honey, bread, preserved meat, vegetables, fruit etc.), and plenty of … Continue reading Another Step Forward for the City

Zone 0

We all loved the free central city Shuttle, didn’t we? It was introduced in 1998 and ceased operating with the February 2011 earthquake. Shall we have it back? Yes? I have an even better idea: free travel on all buses within the Four Avenues when you use your Metrocard. That way, there are way more … Continue reading Zone 0

Building Stronger Community in our Neighbourhoods

A few weekends ago I participated in a conference on how to build stronger community in our neighbourhoods. It had a strong relational focus, and the speakers and most participants had backgrounds in community volunteer work, church-related ministry, working in disadvantaged communities, and the like. None were traffic engineers, transport planners, or urban designers, and … Continue reading Building Stronger Community in our Neighbourhoods

Get your Voting Papers In!

I was hoping to get a better Christchurch voting guide together but seem to have run out of time, as you will have all received your voting papers now and if you're organised may have even sent them back in again. So instead I'll just refer you to some really good voting guides. 1. Generation … Continue reading Get your Voting Papers In!

What other cities are doing: Ottawa

This article first appeared at TraNZport blog and is republished with permission. This is what I hope will be the first in a series of posts that cover what is happening in other cities around the world, and how they are relevant for thinking about transport in New Zealand’s largest cities. Previously, I have touched … Continue reading What other cities are doing: Ottawa

July Public Transport Patronage

I published some Christchurch public transport patronage data previously here. Here is the latest data, up to the end of July. And here it is again but zoomed in a bit. The twelve months to July 2019 had an average of 1.14m passengers. This is down very slightly, around 0.1%, from the twelve months to … Continue reading July Public Transport Patronage