MaRTI debrief

On 2 September, the CHAT Club introduced MaRTI to an audience of 50+ people. Great to see so much interest in our Middleton to Rolleston Transformation Initiative. Over the course of 90 minutes, we explained the high level vision and concepts of MaRTI and how this proposal fits in with the Christchurch Hand Plan. The … Continue reading MaRTI debrief

Mass Rapid Transit in NZ – a guide to some myths

This article first appeared at TraNZport blog The recent news that a study into mass rapid transit has (finally!) been funded by NZTA for Christchurch, is a pretty good reason to celebrate (and there is also another study looking into an improved bus network – yay!). The work will take two years, with preferred routes … Continue reading Mass Rapid Transit in NZ – a guide to some myths

Public transport studies funded

This article first appeared at Axel and Lan's The Common Good site and is republished with permission. The Press announced this week that two public transport studies have been funded by the Transport Agency. This has been a long time coming and we welcome that this is finally happening. The article in The Press gives … Continue reading Public transport studies funded

Passenger rail & housing: MaRTI

Over the course of the year, the CHAT Club (Canterbury Housing and Transport) has held five public workshops on passenger rail & housing. A broad range of people have participated in these and voiced what sorts of things they want to see happening in Christchurch in this space. Over the last couple of months we've … Continue reading Passenger rail & housing: MaRTI

Transport and climate change

This post first appeared at Axel and Lan's The Common Good blog and is republished with permission. You will remember the news headlines from October 2018: “12 years to limit climate change catastrophe.” This was the media’s interpretation of the 5th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). So what was this … Continue reading Transport and climate change

Election Inspection

You wouldn't know it from the general lack of buzz, but local elections are coming up in 7 weeks. In my opinion, local elections have been set up to be ridiculously over-complicated. I've voted in several elections now but still don't completely understand how it all fits together, so I thought I'd try to explain … Continue reading Election Inspection

Victoria Street Upgrade

Council recently finished consulting on changes to Victoria Street (here). This will likely now be approved and constructed. As I summarised previously here, it has been a long and confusing road for this project, which began its life as a significant change to the way transport would function on Victoria Street, but has ended up … Continue reading Victoria Street Upgrade