Canterbury Passenger Rail Workshop 2

Despite the horrific events of the last few days, life must carry on. In the long shadow that has been cast over our city, we have a notice that may seem unimportant now, but that we think is still worthwhile pursuing.poster.jpgPlease be invited to the second public workshop on passenger rail for Canterbury, to be held on Monday, 25 March 2019, 6.00 to 7.30pm at Tūranga (central library) in the Tautoru / TSB Space meeting room on the first floor. We have secured an esteemed guest speaker who will join us via Skype, and who would be better placed to explain the role that the Housing and Urban Development Authority can play in this than the Hon Phil Twyford himself? After all, he is the Crown minister who will oversee this agency.

The workshop is brought to you by the CHAT Club, a group of transport and housing professionals or enthusiasts. We held a workshop last month, which was a great success; there was strong interest for the reintroduction of passenger rail. Thanks to all who attended – there was representation by elected members, ECan commissioners, staff, interest groups, individuals – you name it.

There is no need for an RSVP but if you wish, you could indicate your intention to come via the Facebook event notice:


4 thoughts on “Canterbury Passenger Rail Workshop 2

  1. Thanks for the invitation Axel. I know I am feeling numb, my mind is spinning and my emotions have taken a sucker punch.

    But this meeting is important. It is not just about building houses and some trains, trams or buses. That is just the physical manifestation of some underlying issues that can make our city better.

    Issues like housing affordability and being inclusive to all our neighbours, strengthening communities, improving connectivity, providing better access, addressing climate change, giving the young opportunities and agency…

    Maybe we can work out what the politics of love and kindness means in this space…


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