Canterbury Passenger Rail Workshop

Just a reminder that the CHAT Club (Canterbury Housing and Transport)are holding a workshop tomorrow (Monday 25th February 2019) 6:00-7:30pm at Tūranga (central library), in the TSB space (level 1).

The purpose is to discuss passenger rail for Canterbury, and how that relates to future housing. The CHAT Cub is a mix of transport and housing professionals or enthusiasts, and we blog about these topics, invite discussion via various mediums (blog and social media), and hold speaker evenings.

There are two parts to this meeting, starting with a series of short presentations:

  • Welcome (Chris Morahan)
  • Brief history of passenger rail in Canterbury (Axel Wilke)
  • Light rail options for the city (Glen Koorey)
  • Relationship between rail and housing (Brendon Harre)

The purpose of these presentations is to equip attendees with some basic facts. What have we had in terms of rail-based passenger transport? The heavy rail lines don’t go near the city centre where many people want to go – is that something that rules out the use of the existing heavy rail lines in the future? And are housing and transport somehow interlinked? (spoiler-alert – yes, they are; here’s some useful background reading)

These presentations will then be followed by a workshop. Based on what you’ve learned in the presentations (or have known all along), where should rail and housing go?

Bring your ideas. We are keen to capture various inputs. Hope to see you there.

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