Canterbury Passenger Rail Workshop 4

Just a reminder that in one week (Monday 27th May) we are holding our 4th workshop on Canterbury passenger rail. We are getting close to the end now and will be starting to pull together everything we’ve talked about so far into some possible options, which we’ll then explore together.

To get your creative juices flowing, I’ve compiled a montage of some of the different options that have been floating around in one form or another up till now.

Here’s the combined ideas from our first workshop, showing possible transit lines in blue and areas for development in red:

Map of Results A4

Here’s the suburban rail system that we used to have.


Here’s a great wee animation that Sam created showing the progression of our passenger rail network.

Here’s what our tram network looked like at its zenith.


And I have to slip in this great photo of how they built these tram lines – not a hi-viz vest or road cone in site! (courtesy of Christchurch City Libraries)

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, people walking and outdoor

Here’s the Rangiora to Addington commuter rail that was investigated in 2014.


Here’s one of the rail scheme options that was investigated in 2005.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 8.49.11 pm

Here’s a current proposal from ECAN.


Here’s what the Green’s came up with prior to the election.


Here’s a more wide-reaching proposal from James Dann.


Here’s a proposal for BRT combined with rail that Brendon Harre came up with.


And here’s a more recent proposal for a “first-step” combination of BRT and rail.


Have a think about all these, plus any other ideas, and we’d love to explore them more with you next week. Monday 27th June, 6:00pm at Turanga, Auaha Hīhī / Spark Space meeting room on the ground floor. Hope to see you there!

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