School Kids Desperate for Safe Streets

I saw this video a student at Hornby High School has made.

She shows how dangerous Waterloo Road is for kids trying to get to and from the three schools on this stretch (Hornby High, Hornby primary and the pre-school). She then describes some ways it could be improved:

  • Heavy vehicle ban before and after school
  • Remove parking
  • Signalised pedestrian crossing(s)
  • Pedestrian fences

There is currently a couple of crossing places with refuge islands, and a 40km/h school speed zone, which has no doubt helped.

Hopefully the video helps spur some action soon.

2 thoughts on “School Kids Desperate for Safe Streets

  1. There is some work underway at the Community Board at present. On its meeting September 15 the Board will receive this report and recommendations
    “The purpose of this report is for the Waipuna/Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board to consider options to improve visibility at the pedestrian crossing on Waterloo Road, east of Smarts Road. This report has been written in response to a request from a school staff member to investigate safety concerns relating to parked vehicles obstructing visibility to pedestrians crossing Waterloo Road outside Hornby High School.”
    The primary concern of the Hornby Residents Association seems to be focusing on getting right turn bays for cars put into major roads in the area and last term the Community Board spent much of its time seeking reports from council staff concerning proposals such as these so the situation seems to have improved since the 2019 elections.


  2. In February 2020 some residents petitioned the Community Board as follows:

    We request the Christchurch City Council to:

    · Install traffic lights at the Parker Street, Waterloo Road, Gilberthorpes Road and Moffett Street intersection.

    · Action road and footpath maintenance on Waterloo Road between Gilberthorpes Road and Carmen Road as soon as possible.

    · Install a signalled pedestrian crossing between Waterloo Road and Kyle Park, to allow students and residents safe passage.

    · Impose heavy motor vehicle restrictions on Waterloo Road between Gilberthorpes Road and Carmen Road (State Highway 1).

    The Board has put Waterloo Road into its 2020-2022 planning as a key project.


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