Are Cycleways Really that Controversial?

There's a perception in some circles that the Christchurch cycleways are extremely controversial. Many mainstream media articles that mention them end up attracting screeds of negative comments - examples here and here. But how controversial are the cycleways really? I keep on seeing data that suggests they are really not that controversial for most people. … Continue reading Are Cycleways Really that Controversial?

Nobody Rides Bikes in Winter! Right?

Recently somebody said to me something to the effect of: "we shouldn't be building cycleways because even if they're OK in summer, nobody will ever use them in winter". I thought I'd take a look into this claim. A few weeks ago I wrote about some results from the last 6 months of data from … Continue reading Nobody Rides Bikes in Winter! Right?

2019 surveys for cycling

Christchurch City Council and Auckland Transport have been conducting a trial of directional traffic signals for people who cycle – you may have seen the installations and even taken part in the user surveys last year. To conclude the official trial process, the NZ Transport Agency requires another round of investigation.  Regardless of whether you … Continue reading 2019 surveys for cycling

Are the Demographics of Cyclists Changing?

Up till quite recently, if you saw someone riding a bike in Christchurch there would have been a pretty good chance they would have been a male, aged 18-45, athletic, and  dressed in a special outfit just for riding (lycra, hi-viz). In recent years we've realised that the reason no-one else rides bikes is mainly … Continue reading Are the Demographics of Cyclists Changing?

Cycle Counts February 2019

I keep seeing comments in various social media circles that no one in Christchurch cycles. It's always just anecdotal, but even then I don't understand it. My own anecdotal data source - the bike-shed-O-meter- suggests cycling numbers are going through the roof. But the good news is we don't actually have to rely on anecdotal … Continue reading Cycle Counts February 2019

Christchurch Transport Update

Here's a quick update of a few significant things I've seen happening in the transport world of late. There was a fantastic article on newsroom by Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw, that voiced a lot of the frustrations I've found working in transport in Aotearoa: "it is timely to explore why transport is an area in which … Continue reading Christchurch Transport Update

Bruntletts / Modacity

Over the last two days we’ve been fortunate to have Chris and Melissa Bruntlett of Modacity here in Otautahi. I went along to their talk last night as well as a workshop this morning. They have made a name for themselves by advocating for all things cycling, and doing it in a smart, effective way. … Continue reading Bruntletts / Modacity