Public transport studies funded

This article first appeared at Axel and Lan's The Common Good site and is republished with permission. The Press announced this week that two public transport studies have been funded by the Transport Agency. This has been a long time coming and we welcome that this is finally happening. The article in The Press gives … Continue reading Public transport studies funded

Passenger rail & housing: MaRTI

Over the course of the year, the CHAT Club (Canterbury Housing and Transport) has held five public workshops on passenger rail & housing. A broad range of people have participated in these and voiced what sorts of things they want to see happening in Christchurch in this space. Over the last couple of months we've … Continue reading Passenger rail & housing: MaRTI

Victoria Street Upgrade

Council recently finished consulting on changes to Victoria Street (here). This will likely now be approved and constructed. As I summarised previously here, it has been a long and confusing road for this project, which began its life as a significant change to the way transport would function on Victoria Street, but has ended up … Continue reading Victoria Street Upgrade

Lincoln Road Bus Lanes Going Ahead

The Lincoln Road bus lanes consultation has closed and Council have published the feedback here. In response they have made some tweaks to the plans and and will now proceed with detailed design and construction,  which is currently expected to start early in the new year (Stuff article here). The project is primarily about allowing … Continue reading Lincoln Road Bus Lanes Going Ahead

Canterbury Rail and Housing Workshop 4 Results

Thanks to everyone who came to the 4th Canterbury Rail and Housing Workshop last week. We had some good discussion with 30-odd people debating the pros and cons of 6 different options for mass rapid transit in Christchurch. To kick things off Glen presented on some of the similarities and differences between the three main … Continue reading Canterbury Rail and Housing Workshop 4 Results

Christchurch Rapid Transit Proposal – further information

This post was first published at TraNZport blog and is republished with permission. This is a follow-up to my previous post on a rapid transit start-up proposal for Christchurch. If you haven’t read that, it might be a good idea to do so before reading further on this one. I wanted to follow up on … Continue reading Christchurch Rapid Transit Proposal – further information

Christchurch – An Accessible City 2.0?

This post first appeared over at TraNZport and is republished with permission.The $6.4 billion Let’s Get Wellington Moving package of transport initiatives is great for Wellington, but it also highlights how thoroughly, and embarrassingly, behind Christchurch is in making progress with developing a fit-for-purpose, sustainable transport system of its own. The stark truth is that … Continue reading Christchurch – An Accessible City 2.0?

Canterbury Passenger Rail Workshop 4

Just a reminder that in one week (Monday 27th May) we are holding our 4th workshop on Canterbury passenger rail. We are getting close to the end now and will be starting to pull together everything we've talked about so far into some possible options, which we'll then explore together. To get your creative juices … Continue reading Canterbury Passenger Rail Workshop 4

Competitive Cities: A Decade of Shifting Fortunes

PwC recently released a report called Competitive Cities: A Decade of Shifting Fortunes. This investigated the economic competitiveness of ten New Zealand and Australian cities over the last ten years. They also produced summary documents for each city, including Christchurch. The reports focus on income and living costs, and how to maximise the difference between … Continue reading Competitive Cities: A Decade of Shifting Fortunes